The number of people struggling with mobility issues in the UK is on the rise. As people live longer, the population gets older, and its healthcare requirements become more complex. In 2013, there were more than 11 million people in Great Britain with a physically debilitating illness, disability, or impairment. Fortunately, for these people, life can be made a little easier with certain modifications to the daily routine.

One such modification is the wet room; a specially designed shower installation which makes washing and bathing easier for people with disabilities. The only real difference between a standard shower and a wet room is that the latter is built on the same level as the bathroom floor – so, in other words, there is no lip, step, or rise between the floor and the cubicle.

This is not a design which is reserved exclusively for disabled people, however, because wet rooms are considered to be, in wealthy circles, quite a luxury addition to a home. The notion of making the whole bathroom a shower is very appealing to some people, because it affords greater flexibility and space, as well as being quite a contemporary and stylish feature.

The Benefits of a Wet Room for Disabled People

For people with mobility issues, the big advantage of a wet room is increased safety. If you do not have to raise your legs off the floor to get into the bath or shower, the chance of slips and falls is much lower. With a wet room in place of a conventional bath, a disabled person can retain as much of their independence as possible and avoid having to bring in outside help when bathing.

However, in order for this to happen, the wet room needs to be carefully designed and installed, with the intended property and the needs of the user in mind. The best way to start shopping for a wet room installation then is to first visit a replica show room. This is important because most people have never actually seen a proper wet room and have a lot of questions about how it works – if you visit our showroom, you can raise these queries in a safe and comfortable environment with one of our friendly members of staff.

How to Arrange a Wet Room Installation

If you are keen to go ahead with plans to convert your bathroom into a wet room, there are a few things that you should think about first. Whilst there are plenty of people who would pay more for a property with a wet room, there are bound to be others who believe that the conversion has reduced the value of a home – it is all a matter of personal taste. It is important to realise that a wet room is not guaranteed to add value to your home.

We will work closely with you to make sure that the fitting is suitable for your needs. This is  a fairly simple process; our team of fitters will be despatched to your home for an initial consultation and then you will be given a cost estimate for the job. If you are happy to go ahead with the installation, the team will talk you through each stage of the process.

So why not get in touch today on 01449 720809 and arrange a viewing today.