One of the main reasons why disability continues to be such an emotive issue is because we don’t like to imagine or think about life without independence. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable, simply because they’re scared of how they’d cope if it happened to them. Yet, the reality is that people with disabilities don’t just cope, they thrive and flourish like everybody else if they have the right support. This might mean a mobility scooter, a specially designed bathroom, or something very common like a stair lift. With high quality designs and specialised tools, life can be made easier for disabled individuals. If you struggle with mobility issues, it’s time to stop asking if you can and start assuming – sometimes, all it takes is the right product to open up your world. This handy little guide to stair lifts will explain how they work and why they can be so valuable for older people and those who struggle with mobility problems.

The Benefits of Installing a Stair Lift

It may be that you can get around and care for yourself easily enough, until it comes to the mammoth task of climbing the stairs. It is always a real shame when a person who wants to be independent has to move out of their home, simply because of this one (very much) surmountable obstacle. High quality stair lifts in Suffolk can mean the difference between having to move to a one level property and being able to continue living, unaided, in the house that you love. So, the benefits shouldn’t be underestimated, especially as they’re so easy to buy and install. Normally, a stair lift can be fitted in a home within a couple of hours.

The Clever Nature of the Modern Stair Lift

If you are thinking about shopping for stair lifts in Suffolk, it might be useful to know a little about how they work. Generally speaking, these machines run on a track that is installed directly onto the tread of the staircase. A motor is used to pull a chair along the tracks in a smooth, non-jerky fashion. When it is not being used, the chair stays still (parked, if you will) at the top or the bottom of the stairs, until it is needed again. There are lots of different styles and models available, with a wide variety of features. Some come with special safety harnesses and others have extra controls designed to change speed and direction. The majority can be folded flat against the wall, so that the staircase is easily navigated by others.

Finding the Right Stair Lift for Your Home

In order to install a stair lift in your home, you need a staircase that is at least 24 inches wide. These devices can be attached to curved staircases, as well as straight ones, but the installation process will take a little longer. As far as power, the main options are either a chair lift that hooks up to the primary electrical system, a battery powered chair, or an AC or DC powered machine. DC powered stair lifts benefit from the ability to automatically charge even if the system isn’t in use. This means that they can still be operated during a power cut. They are the best option for anybody who is concerned about coping in an emergency situation or if the lights do go out for a time. The standard stair lift parameters (you can buy reinforced products) usually carry a maximum weight of around 270lbs.