For disabled people and those who suffer with mobility issues, the subject of bathing and plumbing facilities can be a delicate one. It is not uncommon for the very specific needs of disabled homeowners to be overlooked or misunderstood by mainstream providers. This is because most conventional plumbers and installers work to rigid industry standards. To cater for a market which is extremely diverse, whilst also turning a profit, these providers use generally use the same heights, widths, shapes, weights, and other dimensions on every job. If a customer wants a more bespoke service, they usually have to pay an inflated price. If you are disabled, every aspect of a bathroom design needs to be customised, which can make upgrades and renovations a real struggle for the wallet.

This guide to creating a disability friendly bathroom will explain the benefits of having a wetroom installation and make it clear why you should only settle for the best.


The type of bathroom or wetroom installation which you need will depend on your level of mobility. This is another distinction which is very important, but which standard providers tend to ignore. A person with reduced mobility is not necessarily going to require the same kind of facilities as somebody with little or no mobility. If you do have trouble standing unsupported for more than a few seconds, it is a good idea to consider a wetroom. These handy ‘shower rooms’ essentially turn the whole bathroom into a place which can safely get wet. So, whilst most designs do feature a clear shower area (set behind a glass screen), the idea is that you can bathe without having to climb, step, or lift a wheelchair over any kind of dividing obstacle. The wetroom installation replaces the standard bath with an entirely accessible shower room.


There are all kinds of different fittings and fixtures which allow a disabled person, or a person with reduced mobility, to tend to their own needs in the bathroom. This is extremely important, because it should not be assumed that ‘disability friendly’ plumbing has to mean assisted. The ability to keep bathroom activities private and personal is something which should be pursued in all aspects. With a specialist provider, you can be sure that this will happen. For example, there are plenty of specialist toilet designs which feature integrated cleaning, drying, and air purification functions. They provide a hands free alternative to standard designs for people who need extra support, but are keen to maintain their independence. They are hygienic, safe, easy to use, and rarely look all that different from regular fixtures.


Sometimes, it is all about the little things; like being able to reach the sink without struggling or having your shampoos and shower gels within easy reach. Once again, this is something which a specialist provider is uniquely placed to offer, because they create bespoke designs as standard. With a high quality wetroom installation, you can have your sink, toilet, and shelves all placed at exactly the right height for maximum convenience. The same applies to flush chains, light switches, extractor fan toggles, and anything else which you might need to have a comfortable and enjoyable bathroom experience. If all of this is not enough, just check out the designs on offer at your nearest mobility showroom. You will be surprised at how fresh, contemporary, and stylish the sinks, cisterns, showerheads, and other accessories will make your home look.

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